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Saturday, August 29, 2015



-Create a new card from pieces of reject cards or alter a card from earlier today that you were not happy with.  It's all about making it work!

I was not happy with this card because my stamping was not totally centered.
It was made worse by the black outline and being a VERY tired stamper!

I re-made it leaving out the black outline and giving more attention to my stamping.
I used stamp foam under my images to give better coverage.

It looks better to me. I am much happier with the execution of my stamping. Because, that is what it is all about.
What a fun day but I am exhausted.

I made 11 cards, 1 gift tag, 1 bracelet, 1 felt necklace and 1 altered shirt!
I participated in all of the challenges except for the machine stitching.
If I can get out of bed tomorrow, I might try making one card with my dusty machine!

Good night to everyone who stuck with me, especially my sister Pat *Hi Pat*
She is my biggest cheerleader!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Well, I must say, I didn't think you could make that card prettier, yet, you did! You made it work!
    Loved cheering you on and your work. I will show Mom the rest Sunday. Go to bed!

  2. Hahaha! I bet everyone's a little stiff today. We decided to set an alarm next year and get up and do some jumping jacks and running around the house for 5 minutes.
    Nice re-do of your card.