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Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and stenciling with texture paste.

I have been using stencils and texture paste for a while now.
I use it as is, or sometimes I add ink to color it.

Ashley's idea to color it after adding it to the card was new to me.

I used Color Pop Butterfly. I used the stencil and I cut a couple of small butterflies with the dies and stamped them.

I had mixed luck with it. The really blotchy, red butterfly was not pretty, but the rest of them I like. They are unevenly colored which for butterflies, is good...

But I am pretty unhappy with that red one...

 This next one I made my usual way.

I colored the paste with the soft pink first and kept adding color as I went to the darker shades.

You don't have the gradient/un-even color, but it is more controllable, to me...

 I had a little bit of texture paste left, so as not to be wasteful...

I used a PTI Modern Stencil and used it up!

I absolutely LOVE the new Big Basics Thanks die!
I will use the daylights out of this one!

Thanks Ashley for the new technique. I would have never thought that would work.
I can see how handy it will be if you were looking to use multiple colors or just color on a small section.

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Saturday, June 25, 2016



June blog hop

Crazy busy day...quick post.

I got my June order late yesterday afternoon.
I am so happy with my purchases.
I absolutely LOVE Forget Me Not!!!
So beautiful...
The new Pale Peony...great new color.
The A2 card die...I love it but I was in a rush, so next time...

Why is it floral's are always so darn pretty?
Why do I need more?
Is there an answer to that question?
doubt it...

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and reverse stenciling.

Betsy was my inspiration for the technique...
Diana K was my inspiration for the card...

I LOVE, LOVE this card Diana made...

So here is mine...using reverse stenciling. Thank you Betsy. I might do this as often as I stencil the regular way.

 I used a Modern Stencil. I also turned my stencil on its corner. You end up with a star pattern but when floated my butterflies over it, you can not see it as well.
Amethyst Allure ink and my ancient brayer!

Diana graciously shared tips on the best way to make BEAUTIFUL butterflies with the Color Pop kit!
I LOVE it. I have had it a while but just had rarely used it . 

I mimicked Diana's cluster of butterflies...without copying it.

I like the light/dark patches of the stencil

I am crazy about this combination of the background and the Pretty Color Pop butterflies.

This Lovely lady one was my first attempt.

It is much softer, but I think it turned out pretty as well.

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016




Dawn McVey's card from this morning.

Oh, I LOVE this card! I REALLY love it.
It's in my favorite color palate, and I LOVE the floral clusters. I LOVE the circle pop-up!

Mine used Monthly Moments Journal Card 2...not nearly as big...

I used the littlest flower images from Painted petals.
Man, I LOVE that set! The tiny leaves are from Garden Grace.
The sentiment is from Vintage Linen.

Sweet Blush Ink and Berry Sorbet inks. I cannot wait to add Pale Peony to my color combo.

Forget Me Not looks awesome!
So do the Noted Dies...

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and gradient watercolor die cuts.

We have had an eventful start to the summer.
Our dog Abby, whom we ADORE had a couple of growths removed last week. She will be 14 in July. One of them on her, ahem...tail. The stitches decided to open back up and she prodceded to bleed...All.Over.The.House!
So we had lots of cleaning, including carpets. Did you know Hydrogen peroxide completely removes blood? 
Then I got a HORRIFIC case of poison ivy on my left arm...BAD!
It is finally starting to heal...starting...

So today, my camera won't turn on!
I have been having trouble with it lately...
 I took the picture with my iphone...

Its actually not that bad...
I did figure out how to save and edit it...

This is in ROYGBIV order.
I used my new ZIG markers!
I used the Hexagon Cover Plate and Walk by Faith stamps and dies.

Yesterday was eventful as well.
I decided originally to make my card using In the Woods.
Got my water color done, cut it with the cover plate, adhered it and realized I really wanted some blue ink behind the leaves. Did a second one, adhered it and realized I forgot the do the blue inking!!! AGAIN!!!
So, I did a 3rd one...Then I did a lousy job of stamping the sentiment! SERIOUSLY!!!

The sentiment is a bit splotchy and kind of blurry...or something.

It was a frustrating effort, but I think water coloring gives great color variation.
It looks more natural. 

Thank you for listening to my long rant...

Thank you for looking at my blog!