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Saturday, January 23, 2016


I have been making packaging  like this for years.
Mine are a bit different.
The fold on mine is at the top.
I punch 2 holes and tie ribbon instead of staples.
I am glad Lexi showed her version. It gives me new ideas outside my usual.

This one holds Hot Chocolate packages.

This one uses Cup a Soup chicken noodle soup packages!

I have made a ton of these to sell at a woman's conference at my church.
This money goes to my mission, A Cup of Cold Water.
It helps fund the cost of digging fresh water wells in Malawi, Africa.

Thank you fro looking at my blog!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

What I have been doing...

It has been a LONG time.
Before Christmas I was busy making things for my annual, HUGE Christmas sale.
Then the boys and I went on a cruise for Christmas.
I didn't seem like Christmas, which was the point...
Since then I have been busy making cards for the Woman's Conference at my church.
I am making boxed sets for them.
The conference ordered 20 boxes of 10 cards for volunteers, so I started 200 cards in the hole.

I have those 200 cards made. Now I can concentrate on making as many cards as I can to sell to attendees.
I have enlisted some of my friends to help fold card bases, adhere front panels ,stamp my name on the back, help box up the cards...anything else I feel comfortable letting them help with...

Here is a group of the cards ...

The picture isn't very good. I have done something to my camera and the focus is off. Even Colin cannot figure it out. I am sure there is a knob or a dial...
I am pretty happy with these cards. They are VERY labor intensive, tho.

So 200 down and I hope 200-300 more...

So, that is what I have been keeping myself busy with.

Thank you for looking at my blog!