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Monday, April 25, 2016



Blog hop inspiration

At first glance it may seem like this beautiful artwork would inspire a geometric project of sorts. Dig deeper! Look at the way the different intensities of the colors look when layered together. Experiment with layering stencils, stamps or even vellum die-cuts in a similar way. Get inspired by the unique color scheme and the earthiness of it. Use the design as a jumping point for your layout and create your own sketch from it. Enjoy your process and explore outside your comfort zone!

So, I forgot to make mt Blog Hop card! Totally forgot until late last night!

So as I was looking at the post on Nicole's blog I saw that Diana K called one of her cards, which is AWESOME by-the-way, OBVIOUS...

Well, here is OBVIOUS-er!!!

I always struggle with being literal. I cannot help it.
Could this be more literal? More ...obvious-er?
Even to the point of not adding a sentiment.

I found some red and Fine Linen colored vellum in my stash.
I just used a series of circle punches.

I didn't even pop anything up. That is a true testament of my sticking to the inspiration. I pop EVERYTHING up!

Blog OBVIOUS-er!

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and faux brush lettering.

How GORGEOUS is this card of Amy's?
The one she did for the release was equally gorgeous.
How hard can it be to duplicate...HARD!!!

I really struggled. I made multiple images. I tried every image I had that had that wide brushstroke look. I didn't find very many.

Most of the time it didn't look like I did anything. So if I went back, I totally messed it up.

I decided on the Wish from Good Times.

You can tell I "brushed" over the word. It is not as dramatic as Amy's but I LOVE the idea of it.
Do you think someone will think I free-hand drew that?
No, probably not....

I decided on 2 1/2 rows of dots from the long dot stamp.
I messed that up, so I went back in with the single dot stamp and fixed it as best I could.

I LOVE Amy's technique. It is cool to know if you have lettering like that, you can alter it and make it way cooler!

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Monday, April 11, 2016




I LOVE this card Dawn made, so much.

Here is my take...

I used  random gold paper in my stash to make the frame. The flower I found that worked well was from Spring Woods. I have used those branches so much. I don't think I have put them away.
I also like the largest image from Phrases & Praises.
It almost fills the frame. I LOVE that!

I will be making a few more of this one.

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Thursday, April 7, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and color isolation.

Fun challenge. I love the idea of a monochromatic theme of pattern.
There is probably a technical name. That is what popped into my head.,,

I used Painted Petals.
I really haven't used it too much, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
I used Soft Stone ink and paper. 
My images are quite a bit darker than Ashley's turned out...

Still a pretty card. Painted Petals has pretty flowers.

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Saturday, April 2, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and score lines.

I made this card several days ago but photo issues cropped up (haha), again.
I finally made to to a camera shop today.
I found out my lens is dying...but still usable!
The issue I was having with focus was a toggle switch.
It was flipped to manual focus. I was trying to do auto-focus!
I KNEW it was some unknown to me switch!!!
Lastly all of my cheap card readers for my memory cards quit.
I got a better one. I HOPE it lasts a bit longer.
SO, without further ado...

I have long admired Laurie's use of score lines.
I just never think of it.
I think it goes back to my not making very much of my background paper...

I also like the idea of just doing part of the panel.
It allows for stamping...

It really does add texture and interest without being too labor intensive.
Maybe I should make a list of techniques to add to my card making.
Think I would use it? Probably not.
Habits are hard to break!

Thank you for looking at my blog!