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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Make It Monday #155: Create Your Own Confetti with Papertrey Ink Dies

 Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and confetti made from PTI dies included on your project.

OK, I LOVED this idea. I thought Danielle's card and packaging was ADORABLE!!!
But, I had this sinking feeling this was not going to work out well for me!
True confession time. I used Autumn Rose, Plum Pudding, Lavender Moon, and Winter Wisteria. 
Of those 4 colors I really only LOVE Winter Wisteria.
SO, I thought if I was wasting my precious PTI card stock for a flopped effort, I didn't want it to be my favorite colors...

I will say it was not a flop,  but I was not totally thrilled.

I started out using a clear card box like Danielle did. I needed a LOT more confetti...
So I used a clear card envelope. I needed much less filling.

I also used the Tiny Envelope die to make my envelope. I too cut a small card to fit inside.
I have not bought the Luxe kit, just not my style but I sure do hope they decide to stock the gold foil tape. 
Anyway, I just used a few pieces of confetti to decorate mine.
I used the Hexagon Cover Plate and the tiny squares were from the Berry Basket die. 

My biggest issue was the little "linty" pieces that were left from cutting. Tiny shards of paper.. I tried to sift them out, I nearly rubbed each piece to get rid of it but there is still some sticking to the inside of the clear envelope. 
You really cannot see it in the pictures but you can in real life...

 Anyway, I think it is a CLEVER idea. I might try another card this week.

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Your confetti card came out really great, Susan! I kinda like the small pieces mixed in with the actual die cuts, it adds say nothing of a "good" use for more scraps (which I have a tendency to hoard ;-)

  2. Well, not your favorite colors, but they are mine! :) No surprise, there! I really do think it is cute. Just surprised you didn't use crimson & blue!

  3. So cute! I too used the Berry Basket dies, and loved the squares. Now I have to make baskets!

  4. I felt like I was reading one of my own posts, Susan! Let's just say that everything you commented on, I agreed with one hunnert percent. You have to let the last bit go, though. Those little "hairs" bother me, too, but for the person who gets the confetti and gets to throw it, they either aren't going to notice or will think it's all part of the confetti! Your little card is spot on and really cute!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Way fun!! Love the colors!! I think your confetti package turned out perfect!!

  6. Love your project, but you did make me laugh! It sounds like you have all of the same "issues" that I do. Not wanting to use your favourite colours in case it doesn't turn out well plus those pesky paper shards! Only difference would be that Lavendar Moon is my preferred purple.

  7. Yay, Susan! Happy for you and have fun shopping!

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  9. Diana, I agree, but I love ALL the purples, and this color combo is going down as one of my faves!

  10. Congratulations, love your entry project, Di