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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future: Favorites

Go through your photos or your actual projects and select the one Papertrey project that you are most proud of.

Interesting challenge. I gave it some thought. I went through my blog posts and found the one with the most comments...not sure that makes it he best card I made but is was a metric...

It is a card I was very happy with.

Then I went to my Pinterest board and found my most pinned card...

A Cup of Cold Water ~ August 2014 Blog Hop:

I like this card but it is by no means my favorite.

Such a hard decision. 
I kept going back to my Stamp-a-Faire cards and this one in particular...

Stamp-a-Faire 2016 #stampafaire2016:

I LOVE this card and it makes me want to spend a whole day and make another batch.
I made several of them and they sold super fast.

So...I guess that will be the one...

Thank you for looking at my blog!

1 comment:

  1. All 3 are gorgeous. But, I do think the last on is stellar!