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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stamp-a-faire 2013: Closing Ceremony

I wish I would have been able to share this day with someone but that was not to be! I do know I got more done, all 10 challenges, stamping solo!!!
I even corrected my Limited Ingredient's card, so I really posted 11 times.

Here are all 10 of my cards.

I am pleased with most of them! I learned some new techniques and principle's 
I was a fun and exhausting day.
Days like this give you a new appreciation what our beloved design team do for us each and every month!

Thank you all the awesome people at headquarters, the design team and our fearless leader, Nichole!
Much love to everyone of you! 

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. WOW! When you look at all of them together like that....Wow! I just showed all of your cards to Mom. She loved them, of course!

  2. awesome!!! love seeing all of your cards together!

  3. Well my friend, your cards are fabulous!!! It would be impossible to pick a favorite. I had friends in and had a great time stamping, however I am still trying to recover. hehe. I look forward to going through some of videos again and spending more time with the techniques.

  4. Wonderful closing shot! I did a solo card day too. It was fun to be on the same posting schedule with you on a couple of challenges.