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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bon Voyage Spring Break Card

I wanted to share the card I sent to my husband Al, my son Colin and his 3 friends that went on the Cruise with us for Spring Break.  Keep in mined this card was for male people, so making it "pretty" was not an option.  I bought the Tim Holtz Artful Voyage Stamp set HERE .  I use the Baggage tag stamp and stamped it on a grayish cardstock.  I filled out the Cruise Ship info on the lines provided.  I stamped  Bon Voyage on blue cardstock in black ink and heat embossed it and then rounded the corners. It was adhered with pop dots. I had a few ships wheel & life preservers from an OLD Jolee's cruise sticker set. Again, my purpose was to let them know we were excited about the trip and as a scrapbook memento.  I had to keep it simple!
They all enjoyed getting the card!
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  1. Very nice. What a great memento.

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