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Sunday, July 20, 2014


I am a very blessed person!
I have a Savior who died for me and LOVES me. I have a husband who supports EVERYTHING I do. 3 amazing young me I get to call my children.  A great extended family, and... a GREAT plumber!
Yep, a great plumber, Matt.
We love him. He is a fabulous plumber who doesn't charge enough! Have you ever heard of that???
He is also our friend.
I realized the other day I had never given him any cards to give to his wife.
I NEVER do that. I give everyone I know cards.
Well she LOVED the cards and ordered 26 for her office girls.
She wanted "I appreciate you". I only have the one stamp but she was good with the Grateful and Thankful!

Of course the pictures aren't great! (mine never are!) But I had a lot of fun making these. 
This is just a sampling. 

She also took a small box to her office to sell for me. It would be great if she could sell some.
I LOVE watching those $$ add up for my Mission fund. 

So, now you know one of the many reasons I am BLESSED!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Oh Suze, I like each and every one of these. Very fun and cheerful. However did you cut that lace/border in the middle of the first butterfly card?!! As I said earlier, Pat never stops talking about what a pest you are and now I've seen for myself!

  2. Sh, Di! ;)

    Beautiful cards, Suze, and I know you will sell many.

  3. Amen and praise God for our wonderful Redeemer and Lord. Blessings