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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3 year old Get Well

I made a quick Get Well card for my 3 year old Great Nephew.
He had to have his appendix removed.
He rode in an ambulance so I thought the image from Special Delivery would make him smile!
Poor thing. My oldest had 2 surgeries by the time he was 3. I know stressful it is!

I should cut out a second ambulance so he can play with it...

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Well, now you'll be the favorite auntie! Not fair. Oh, he would love a 2nd ambulance. Our brother said he had quite the ambulance ride! So cute!

  2. That is just stinkin' cute, Suze. He is going to love it, poor little thing.

  3. Your card is adorable, Susan, and so appropriate for the little guy. Hopefully, his recovery goes well for him!

  4. Darling card! Good to hear he's on the road to recovery. Kids always amaze us at how quickly they bounce back from an appendectomy. Hope he's home enjoying the rest of his summer soon!