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Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 2013 Blog Hop Challenge ~ Card 2

This month we challenge you to gain some inspiration from the "Fruits of Summer" color schemes above, using either a portion or all of the colors in a particular scheme.  


When is doubt, use Ruby Rose! That is my motto! Or you could use Rosie Posie, but I am currently favoring Ruby Rose!

This card has a fair amount of white space. I tried a couple of things for a background, but they were too distracting. So... I left it alone! Whew! Sometimes that is hard. 

I added a a bit of button twine on the double leaf to mimic the twig. I like it. I might do that again, if I remember ;)
The sentiment is from Delightful Dahlia Additions.

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. I have the same motto! Love what you did with ruby rose on your card. Gorgeous - Irma

  2. I am learning to embrace white space, too. Love this card.

  3. Gonna have to pull out Ruby Rose again. This is just delightful.

  4. Love all the crisp white space and those gabby flowers!


  5. You know me and white space, but I must say, you pulled it off perfectly!