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Friday, May 24, 2013

Make It Monday #117: Paper Piecing

Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and paper piecing.

OK, could someone clear this challenge up for me??? I thought paper piecing was using several pieces of paper on a card either as a background or as an image. As I have been browsing the submissions this week and deciding if I was going to participate, I mostly saw image piecing.
I thought I had been paper piecing for years, doing it as a background. I do it all the time to stretch or not waste paper or because I think it adds LOADS of interest!!!

Here is my card. I don't love it.

 I used Ruby Rose because it is sitting on my work space from the blog hop. Not so sure it was the best choice for this challenge!
I LOVE the piecing on the bottom. I LOVE the angled placement. The flower just looks kind of messy to me. I LOVE Ruby Rose, just not this way. I do have a couple I like for the blog hop, tomorrow!
PLEASE enlighten me! Are both of these techniques paper piecing or just the flower? If the latter is the case, it is not for me. I will stick with piecing pieces of paper together and call it, hum... Paper Susan ~ing!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Love the Polka dots! And Ruby Rose.

  2. Paper piecing is doing just as Melissa did and hand cutting pieces of patterned papers to fill in an image. You paper pieced your flowers together. :)

    They're cute!