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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Make It Monday #167: DIY Notebooks


Your project must use at least one Papertrey product to create a DIY Notebook.


Seriously! I had a LOT of trouble!

1. I could not get all of my pages cut exactly even!
2. Some of my un-evenly cut pages fell out!
3. I forgot to add my chip-board back AFTER I had covered it with adhesive!
4. Did I mention my pages we cut un-evenly?

OK, I LOVE the cover. I have yet to put my Life is Beautiful dies away. They are just sitting on my work space waiting, no BEGGING to be used daily!
The top flourish is a snip off a cut from Delicate Details! Cute, right?

As I was searching for stamps for the inside pages, you know, the ones that DIDN"T fall out ;)
I found this cute little pointing finger (is there a name for that?) image from Postmarks stamp set.

So, cute book cover but not great engineering!!!
Fortunately for me, I used cheap practice paper, just like I did learning the Make-it-Market kit!

I will try again!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Susan, I still think it came out quite lovely. You could add a thin line of Elmer's glue to your spine since the tape isn't working quite as well for you. It dries clear and takes about 10 minutes to dry completely. Hope that helps!

  2. Cute, cute cover! You will get it, you have determination!

  3. Wow! Your cover is absolutely gorgeous. Love it, Suze!

  4. Love your cover and all the pink! Looks great. I thought it was easy! Maybe your next one will be easy. Beautiful!

  5. It looks fabulous! I had to work my pages quite a bit onto the tape as well but they did finally hold. You'd never know you struggled with your note pad. It looks great!

  6. It's beautiful. So sorry you had trouble.

  7. OK, but if it turns out this gorgeous it's worth the trouble. LOVE your butterfly!

  8. Susan, this is simply beautiful! I love the pretty color!

  9. you cover did turn out gorgeously!