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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Make It Monday #167: DIY Notebooks ~ Notebook 2


Your project must use at least one Papertrey product to create a DIY Notebook.

OK! This worked better for me!
You know why?
(I cheated!)

I used to make notebook by the score, literally! The ones Michelle Wooderson made. The ones using the lined Notepads that are in the PTI store.

I had 2 AWESOME blog friends make comments that were worth listening to.
Diana K wondered if using lighter weight card stock for the pages made it harder for the score tape to "grab- hold" of it?
Dorayley a.k.a. Rae had suggested using Elmer's glue to hold the pages together!
Diana might be right and Rae had a solution that reminded me...
 I had a solution on my shelf. I used some smaller, already "padded" note pads.



I know several people have made pads that worked well. If I tried again, especially with PTI card stock as Diana K said, I could probably make it work!

To me, the fun of the project is decorating the cover and pages.
Why add frustration to my life?

I really do like to make notebooks. They are SO CUTE!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. This is lovely love the two tone look very much <3

  2. Glad this one was more enjoyable. Beautiful results!

  3. This one is also beautiful! Well done!

  4. Lovely green tones on this one. Just beautiful!

  5. It's not cheering it's just doing what works for you! Great idea! Love your gorgeous color!
    For the leaves on my city notebook cover I just used the dots,maybe it's snow that can in the dity set. I stamped the leaves in a few differnt greens. Love your notebook!