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Monday, October 18, 2010


One of the blogs I frequent is Obsessed with Scrapbooking.  Joy is awesome!  She is "plugged-into" Provo Craft and gets cartridges and info ahead of time.  Lots of great techniques are shown on her blog.  She posted one today on adhesives, Here .  If I had written this article, it would have been the same, with one exception.   I get my refills for my ATG gun at The Tape Depot, Here  The refill I get is ATG-7502, and it is a lot cheaper then at the store or Amazon.  I bought a case so I won't be buying for a while, I hope!   I LOVE my ATG gun.  It does not get lost on your workspace.  The Scotch quick dry is also awesome.  I have used it for years.  Finally, I rarely make a card without using some form of pop dots.  They ROCK!  There is nothing more boring than a flat, one-dimensional card.
If you struggle at all with adhesives, I hope this will help
Thanks for looking at my blog!!

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