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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Create a project utilizing inspiration you've seen during release week. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product.


I chose to use Dawns Bible journaling as my inspiration.

I bought the same bible she did.
There are not a ton of choices and I wanted a pretty one...


I took a lot of pictures.
I am not done with these pages. I want to get a package of multi-color highlighters and go in and highlight the scripture I stamped.
The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy...

Colin left to go back for his Senior year at KU...:(
He is not far away, but I still miss him.
He helped me get some projects done around the I haven't had a lot of time...

The above picture is the back of the page from above,
It does bleed through but you gotta let that go.

I LOVE using the outline images from Floral Sketches...
So soft and pretty

Praises and phrases is a great set to use.

You do get bleeding...let it go!!!

I LOVE the page above...the starburst is from Bloomers...

Berry Sorbet stamps really pretty but is really noticeable on the other side...

I still have a ton of stamps to go through.

I could spend all day stamping in my bible, but I have my mission work to do.
I totally consider it a form of worship.
This is not my study bible.

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful. I will show Mom. Nicely done.

  2. And, as a totally unbiased aunt, you have 3 remarkable sons.

  3. This is very lovely! What a creative way to be in the Word.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I bought the same bible too but have only stamped one page so far. Looks like I need to get going to catch up to you! Beautifully done it!! :0)

  5. Love this - you all have me convinced to buy a journaling Bible now!

  6. Oh Susan, thank you for all the pictures! Your Bible has become a work of art! A blessing to all who see it! I should have mine (from Amazon) next week. Can't wait to get started.

  7. Amazing and pretty stamping, Suze! So happy that it makes you happy. Love you.

  8. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. What ink do you use? And do you prep your page?

  9. Susan, your Bible stamping is truly a work of art and your talent shines through. Beautifully done!