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Monday, February 29, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and an ombre stenciled background.

How absolutely GORGEOUS is Betsy's card!!!
Just Stunning!!!
I am SO irritated with myself for not ordering the tulips!!!
They are in my cart for next month!
Too many florals???...apparently NOT!!!

So, I decided the best technique advice in inking a background is patience!
Yeah...that doesn't work so well for me!
If you look in the dictionary for a description of patience, my name is NOT listed!!!

I did my best...

I actually smeared on a bit of transparent texture paste after I inked the stencil.
I would like to say for extra texture, but might have covered some of my heavier-handed, less-patient inking spots.

I used 3 colors, Pure Poppy, Berry Sorbet and Summer Sunrise.
It kind of looks like 2...

It is a great technique...for all of you patient souls...

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Patience isn't my strongest suit either, but I think your background came out bold and beautiful! It really makes your birds and cherry blossoms pop! I think the whole card is quite lovely Susan!! :0)

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. Lovely card, Suze. Mom would love those birds!

  3. I see 3 blended colors! I usually get my blending too dark too, but in this case it looks like you meant to do it! Beautiful backdrop for the birds! I love it!

  4. Your card i beautiful!! The birds and flowers offer the right touch! tfs!!

  5. Susan, beautiful colors and blending. And your birds are perfect for the background.

  6. beautiful card your ombre background fits great to the birds.

  7. Susan, this is wonderful! Your sponging and stenciling are fabulous! Lovely card1

  8. Your card is beautiful, your background really sets of the birds!

  9. Awesome card! (Love those birds--my order just arrived today and can't wait to use them, too.) Your background is beautifully bright and cheerful, and has great texture! And just so you know, I pretty sure that my name isn't anywhere near "patience", either... I wonder what word we'd find our names near?!?

  10. Oh, this is wonderful! Great take on the challenge!

  11. Very pretty, and beautiful sentiment.

  12. LOVE this!! it is just perfect!! I found it took a lot more than patience!! I was working up a sweat laying that ink down and in the end I touched my finger (that had green ink on it) on to the lower left of my card! grrrr but oh well LOL after all that work I was not about to toss it out! giggles. Love the coloring - especially of your red breasted bird : )


  13. Susan, this is beautiful. It is harder to blend lightly, but I kept reminding myself what Betsy said. Don't be so critical of yourself. :)

  14. You did fabulous work with the ink blending and stencil and ended up with a gorgeous card! Love it, Suze.