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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 2014 Blog Hop ~ Project 6

Your challenge this month is to create a spring themed project! 

I couldn't resist making one more card for the Blog Hop. I LOVE all of my new supplies, like REALLY LOVE them. I couldn't leave Garden Grace out of the party! SO PRETTY! I did not say cute or adorable!!!

It makes a pretty card. I am not going to lie. It took a fair amount of time to make this card. I wanted to add some layers. If I hadn't it would have been faster, but not as much fun!

OK! I am going to walk away from the computer and call this Blog Hop a SUCCESS!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Your card is so PRETTY!! Nice and SPRINGY!!!
    Happy Hopping!
    Have a GREAT day!

  2. Love the colours you used. Like you said, pretty, not cute. You make beautiful cards!

  3. Love it! And the enamel dots.....LOVE!

  4. Beautiful- everything goes together so well, and the enamel dots are the perfect finishing touch!

  5. Susan,
    All of your projects are amazing! the bunny bags are TOO cute. I love the garden grace card the most.