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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Papertrey Ink 5th Anniversay Contest ~ Day 5


Pick one of the team members Pinterest inspiration photos from above or select your own piece of Pinterest eye candy to use as a jump-start for your very own creation. If you are linking from your blog, be sure to showcase your Pinterest inspiration and a link to the original source.



OK, I caved!  I signed up for Pinterest!  I spend WAAAAy too much time on the computer, looking at blogs and searching for ideas, so I really tried to resist.  Papertrey Ink has caused me to spend  too much money on their stamp and dies and things, here they go influencing me, again!  What I did not know is that you do not get an account right away.  I have to be on a "waiting list"!  Seriously?  Might they decide I am not good enough?  Or creative enough?  Or offer enough?  Whatever!  So, for today's Papertrey Ink contest we needed to pick a Pinterest image and make a card from that image.  I know this will BLOW YOUR MIND!  But.... I chose Dawn McVey.  Isn't that card above one of the prettiest you have ever seen?  I LOVE that card.  The picture above the card is from her Pinterest board.  I  make my own version.  TOUGH competition!
So, here it is:

This is a 4 1/4x5 1/2 white cardstock base card.  A 4x5 Raspberry Fizz mat is adhered to the front, I wanted more of the white card base to show to resemble the white baseboard.  A white Half & Half die cut was layered on the mat, to mimic the white frame of the chair.  It was stamped with a linen colored ink, like the background of the wallpaper.  I used the new Celebrations die and cut blue paper like the pillow on the chair and layered Rosie Posie flowers around it.  The leaves had some flaws I didn't see until I took the picture, I tried to repair them and also add some shading like Dawn did.  Haha, I won't be doing that again, as you can see on the close-up shot! 
All in all, I like the card.  I can see where if you take items from the pictures and interpret them, you can get inspiration.  I hope it does not become a new addiction...  IF I get off the waiting list! ;)
Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Very pretty card. Great interpretation.

  2. Love the card. I was going to suggest that you get on Pinterest!