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Monday, July 3, 2017



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and combine stenciling and masking.

Oh. My. Goodness!!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Betsy's GORGEOUS card!!!!!
So...I nearly copied it verbatim!
I HAD to! Her's is so pretty.

I do not have Betsy's Herb Garden set, but I do have Beautiful Berries. But you already
know that 'cause I've used it on nearly every challenge since I got it.
I love it that much!

I am pretty good at improvising...
I used Mix & Mat: Pretty Brackets. The dashed frame gave me a way to cut out the inside
giving me a stencil. It is a wavy line mimicking Betsy's stencil.

It is obviously not as awesome as Betsy's stencil but it is a pretty good representation.

I should have inked my background a bit more...I was trying to not get too 
aggressive so it is a bit light.

I am in love!!! I LOVE this card and the technique was fun.
I hope my stencil hold up to make a few more cards...I definitely
want to make few more!

It's Betsy's fault I used Beautiful Berries, again!
Not mine...I'm innocent!!!

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Lovely, lovely card! I wanted to use the Spring Berries too as Betsy's card is so perfect, but I'm trying to be brave and find something else...we'll see if I'm strong enough to resist! But anyway, your card turned out just it!! :0)

  2. I like your idea for making the stencil and your version of Betsy's card is beautiful! I don't post my cards so I've been guilty of the CASE.

  3. Lovely card! Go with what works!

  4. Super card! I love Spring Berries, too! You were very creative in making your outline stencil--I love how it's not a perfect rectangle.

  5. Gorgeous! I think your sponging is just fine. :-)

  6. This turned out lovely! And I especially like that you used pattern paper on your card base. It really makes the colors in your berries pop!

  7. Very pretty!! You did a great job and I love your card as well!!

  8. How pretty! I love the masked Thanks!

  9. Susan, another gorgeous card even if you consider it a CAS of Betsy's. I say it's a winner! It's fun to see the creativity used for those of us without the right stencil.