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Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and stenciling with texture paste.

I have been using stencils and texture paste for a while now.
I use it as is, or sometimes I add ink to color it.

Ashley's idea to color it after adding it to the card was new to me.

I used Color Pop Butterfly. I used the stencil and I cut a couple of small butterflies with the dies and stamped them.

I had mixed luck with it. The really blotchy, red butterfly was not pretty, but the rest of them I like. They are unevenly colored which for butterflies, is good...

But I am pretty unhappy with that red one...

 This next one I made my usual way.

I colored the paste with the soft pink first and kept adding color as I went to the darker shades.

You don't have the gradient/un-even color, but it is more controllable, to me...

 I had a little bit of texture paste left, so as not to be wasteful...

I used a PTI Modern Stencil and used it up!

I absolutely LOVE the new Big Basics Thanks die!
I will use the daylights out of this one!

Thanks Ashley for the new technique. I would have never thought that would work.
I can see how handy it will be if you were looking to use multiple colors or just color on a small section.

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Love these cards. You can never go wrong with butterflies! So happy.

  2. You know what, Suze? All your cards are gorgeous, like always, but I particularly love the first one! The red butterfly is beautiful and I have no idea what your problem with it is. I've never used Ashley's technique before, I always do it the way you do, but after seeing your results I may give it a try!

  3. I think there's beauty in all 3 of your cards! I do understand the not feeling in control when "painting on the color" and being surprised when you lift the stencil, but I still think your first card came out beautifully! I guess we're out own worst critics!

  4. I like the way your butterflies turned out - all different and that's the way they are in nature. Great job!

  5. All three cards are beautiful, Susan. Agree adding color to the paste first lends to richer colors and also saves time, but it was fun to try the challenge. Have a safe 4th!

  6. Three lovely cards, Susan! Painting on the color over the stencil really worked for you!