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Friday, May 20, 2016



Create a project utilizing your take on the challenge. Your project must use at least one Papertrey product and a money gift as part of the card design.

Another fun Papertrey Ink challenge.
Lexi is the queen of folded, container type projects.
One of my favorite challenges, ever was her Trapper Keeper from Stamp-A-Faire 2014
                                                Lexi's                                            Mine

Retro Rainbows 1           

These were so much fun!!!

So, I decided to make an wallet.
I have a college graduation party to attend next weekend.

The Sentiments and mortar board are from For the Graduate

I didn't stitch mine. I would have had to have dusted my machine off...literally!!!

Now I am not really this cheap.
I went into my sons room to see if he had any paper money. 
He did!!!
But just a $5.

Did anyone have trouble editing their money?
I took several other shots that showed the money more closely.
I got a warning,.. I think for counterfeiters???
No. Can. Do!

The "credit card" sentiment is from Lunchbox Love. 

Thanks Lexi. I still love the Trapper keeper, best!!!

Thank you for loking at my blog!


  1. super cute project! i'm so glad you enjoyed the wallet template - the trapper keeper is still a fave of mine too!! and yes on the money editing. i had one pic with money coming out of my wallet like yours, but photoshop wouldn't open it, so i had to use a tucked in option plus the super cropped one. how does photoshop know, lol?!

  2. Wow, love the wallet! Super cute idea for a graduation. Huh, you got a Photoshop warning?! Proving once again that (a) stamping is a dangerous hobby and (b) "they" know every single thing we do!

  3. I guess you needed to fold it up to get it through photo shop!;) Oh the things we learn! Meanwhile, what a cute wallet. And a fabulous presentation for your gift. The graduate will love it!!!

  4. What graduate doesn't like cash? And, very cute card.

  5. Sweet card!! I love every detail including the inside!! super job!


  6. Love your wallet...lots of great detail! And didn't know that about photoshop and the money...guess I had mine folded up small enough they couldn't tell what it was! Great job though and love your trapper keeper too...cute, cute, cute!! :0)

  7. Very cute wallet, Susan, perfect for the graduate! Didn't realize Photoshop would stop you but guess they don't want counterfeiting under their watch. Makes sense!