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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Do-over...

ETA: I also wanted to say I found the small bottle brush trees in both green and natural at Michael's.
They are a bit bigger but not much. I trimmed the bottom off the one I used and it worked great!
They also have that chunky glitter in the glitter section.
And, they sell the globes for $.99 each.
Just FYI for all of you inquiring minds!

I was not satisfied with my Tinsel & Tags jar topper globe from yesterday.
So... I re-made it!

SO much better. It needed the bottle brush tree and an extra tree from the die cut.
I am still having a bit of trouble with the trees tilting back...

HOW cute is this???

Where would out paper crafting be without Papertrey Ink?

The picture above was taken out side of my light box.
Less glare.

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Love it, so sparkly. Yep, love those trees!

  2. I liked the one yesterday, but, you're right, today's is better. That little tree does make a difference. Thanks for the info about the goodies at Michael's.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the trees and globes at Michaels. I'll check it out.
    Love your projects!! My package will be here tomorrow!!!

  4. Also the blue boxes are available from Nashville Wraps--you don't have to be a business to buy them. They are called Ballotin boxes. The tiny deer can be ordered from etsy (deer cabochon)--they are shipped from china, but they are $6 for 10.
    And, some etsy sellers carry the aqua adhesive trim and the wide cream and red striped ribbon.

  5. Hello there, I saw a comment you left on another PTI-related blog, and when I saw your blog name, I was quite sure that you were a believer, and when I read your bio and saw BSF, I knew we had much in common, as well as your helping bring healthy water to others. WONDERFUL!!! :)

    I too am a Christian, I live in Ontario, Canada--about 90 minutes west of Toronto and about 45 minutes from the US border at Niagra Falls. I went to graduate school in the US--U of MD where I did both masters and doctoral studies then became a professor (music performance), loved living there and went to a wonderful church. I moved back to Canada to work as a professor in 1989. I love PTI but haven't placed an order in awhile. Thinking about both the sprinkle kit as well as the Christmas one, so tough to choose! What you have created above is AMAZING! Love it!!! Just wanted to say hello from a sister in Christ. I have been card-making for a few years, but don't get the opportunity to do it nearly as much as I'd like due to health issues (was disabled in a car accident), and lately haven't been able to do anything but look online. It is my goal to start my own blog, perhaps in the new year, and I definitely want to choose a name like you did that would be a great testimony. I haven't tried any challenges yet but hope to in the future. Just wanted to say hello. I saw your comment on the Overnight Waffles blog, it was your blog name that caught my eye.



  6. Ooooh, love this! So full of Christmas joy! Anyone would love to get one of these.