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Thursday, March 7, 2013

I got a new toy.....

And it is so cool! 

Laurie, from Soapbox Creations is a GENIUS!!! She has made the most clever die! Card Hanger Dies! Why didn't I think of it! It is a simple concept but freaking GENIUS!!!

How cool is this! You can see the die cut on the bag. She has 2 styles. Mine is the ornate one. She also has a square, plain one.

Here it is with tissue, ready to go. Is this not ADORABLE!!!

This is what the die looks like. If you have Papertrey Ink dies (and if you don't you are missing out!!!)
This die is the same material.

You have to use top fold cards. That is the only draw back. I LOVE top fold cards but I don't have a ton of them in my inventory. That will certainly change! You can glue the whole cut down and cut a hole in the bag. I chose to just glue the top of the die down and slip the card through. I should have taken a picture with the card lifted up ~ sorry! Your card is not harmed in the making of this bag ;)


There are 2 HUGE reasons for wanting this die. You can take a plain Jane bag and make it as stunning as your card. You can make those cards that are hard to mail or you don't have a envelope for and they become the decoration for the bag and the star of the show! Now instead of the card being the second thought it is the focal point! How cool is that!!!

You all know I sell my things and donate the money for missions, digging fresh water wells in Malawi. I think this will become a HUGE seller for me

You can cut the hanger out of matching paper for your card or use Kraft card stock and it would be generic for any card. I already gave away the first one I cut with Kraft and forgot to make another one.
Laurie has already sold out of her second re-stock so keep an eye on her blog if you want one. She is a Kansas gal and I LOVE supporting her. (I am not being paid ~ she doesn't know me!)

Her blog is HERE

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. A.dor.a.ble! These should sell like crazy!

    Love that you used the dew drops on the top card.

    Actually, a whole bunch of cute cards....and gift bags!

  2. Susan!! Wowza! These are ALL amazing! I have to share this on Facebook! Thank you so much!