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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Burning off.....

some nervous energy!!!

Waiting for the 4:15 tip-off of the KU/UNC game! We have had their number the last 2 meetings, but.... Yeesh, and the way we played Saturday, don't get me started!!!

Soooooo, Colin and I went to Charlotte for just 5 days. A short trip. I just took a FEW PTI dies with me. Al works downtown so 2 days Colin and I had no way to go anywhere, so I get LOTS of cards made. 
It was kind of fun just having a few things to choose from. I really just made several variations of the same card. All in all I made just under 60 cards. 

The ones I am showing today are a design  I did for Stamp-a-Faire last summer. HERE

I like this design because it is easy to mass produce and I think, a pretty design. I am going to use my packaging idea I used for Stamp-a-Faire and make up some packaged cards for sale. I will use my card hanger die and make gift bags to go along with them. An easy gift for someone to buy!

You KNOW how partial I am to Damask and this brown paper is one I LOVE!

The way I cut my paper, and since I mount all of my cards on white (or cream) card stock, I can get 4 cards plus 2 more that I piece with solid paper, so 6, 4 1/2x5 1/2 note card sized cards. VERY economical! 


This last one was from an 8x8 piece of paper, so I just made 2 of them. 

I have a couple of variations I will try and post soon. I am planning to make a card for the Blog Hop tomorrow, we shall see.
 I hope I am in a FABULOUS mood tomorrow! We never know which Jayhawk team decides to show up! Hopefully the one from Saturday left town!!!

1 comment:

  1. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

    Love your cards. The last little striped butterfly caught my fancy. Love all your cards.