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Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Treat Holders

These are the treat holders, like the ones I posted for the Mr. Bones challenge, that I will be selling. These use some old Stampin Up paper Rockabilly. When I first saw that paper I thought it was the cutest paper I had ever seen. It is all double sided, nice paper. However, it is not as thick as PTI, and of course, not as cute. I do want you to know I bought it for the reverse side of the skull and crossbones!

I had read several years ago on a blog or something to NOT hoard paper. Your tastes change, styles go out of favor and the like. I thought it was good advice, though not always easy to follow. I do attempt to follow that advice, but.... This paper is a prime example. I don't love it anymore, but I bought more than one package, and you know it wasn't cheap! So, it was a total DELIGHT to me that I had a PERFECT use for part of it!

The red isn't as Halloween'y as the black & green, but it is an orange-red, so it works. These treat holders are REALLY cute. I have 25 of them made up and about 25 parts and pieces cut out. I found some black and orange chevron Washi tape that I am going to try on the top of the Half & Half die ~ it might be cute!
I just wanted you to see the ones I will be selling.
Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. I am sure that you will sell each and every one of these! Cute

  2. You are making some great halloween projects! I'm so proud of you for "letting go" of some of that patterned paper.