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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

All Through the House!!!

Betsy has done it again!
MAJOR cuteness!!!
This is her best kit... EVER!
Even my 27 year old SON said that is REALLY cool!
Of course for him it was all about the light!!! (look closely, you can see it in the box)
Betsy, I cannot thank you enough. My creative desire had taken a big leave of absence!
After the year I have had, I needed some joy in my life. This kit has most definitely brought that joy to me.
I will be able to share that joy with others by using this kit!



 Current attempt at Christmas Tree Change up

I think I like it better with white paper and green stamping.
The star was made with some red chipboard.
I think most of my problem at first is I am only gluing the bottom so it can be filled with candy.
The slits were not staying lined up.
I think I have that under control, now...

I am going to buy some red fun foam. it might work better???

I do think these are really cute.
They are not as cute as the matchbox, tho...

Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. Both are great! So, J was impressed. Wow! Well, so am I. Great job and I know these will sell!

  2. Love these, Suze. And I for one think your Christmas tree boxes are as cute as the matchboxes! Sweet.