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Friday, November 21, 2014

My Holiday Card Party

My amazing friend Jenny Gunter held a "Card" party for me last night.
There were 50'ish lovely women who attended.
Jenny provided amazing food and drink.
The women were VERY generous and bought almost $900 of my cards, treat favors, gift bags, gift card envelopes and of course a LOT of snow globe toppers and ornaments.

Thank you Jenny! She won't let me bring food. She is so generous she provides it all so I can spend my time making products!

Year to date I have $3457 to donate to missions at my church. I earmark these funds to build fresh water wells in Malawi, Africa!

Some of you saw the pictures of a lot of these things after I cut them out and as I was assembling the parts. 

Here are some pictures from last night:

Pillow boxes with Damask Snowflakes

Gable Boxes

Tiny Take-out Boxes

More Tiny Take-out Boxes

Bottle Tags

Gift Card Envelopes

Boxes of cards sorted into categories

Snow Globe Jar Toppers

Snow Globe Ornaments
I sell them to use on Gift Bags

More Snow Globe Jar Toppers

Gift Card Envelopes

Gable Boxes and Pillow Boxes

More cards...

This is just a part of the items I had for sale.

You are an amazing woman. I tell her often it is our mission. I cannot sell my products without customers. She provides those customers! God prompts their hearts to buy! 


Thank you for looking at my blog!


  1. God is so good! Awesome job, my sister!

  2. Susan, all that is amazing!!!!!!! So thankful you had such a positive response to your crafting - I can certainly see why! Your friend Jenny is a peach for hosting this event.

  3. Ho-ly Cow! I wonder how many hours of work these beautiful projects represent?!? "Well done, good and faithful servant!" I hope you get some photos of people enjoying drawing water from their new wells. What an awesome achievement :)

  4. all i can say is wow! All so gorgeous - truly beautiful and that it went for such a wonderful cause - truly inspiring.

  5. You are truly a good and amazing woman. I am so happy for you, Suze, and that you were able to share all your wonderful, beautiful work with others. Not only did they get to enjoy your talents, but you all experienced the joy of benefiting others who have a greater need. I am in awe of you.

  6. WOW, Susan, this is very impressive! Your work is beautiful and so is your kind heart to do all this for the benefit of the less fortunate. You deserved to sell it all after all the effort you put into this project.